Lorraine Heaysman

Dorset born Lorraine Heaysman has an unquenchable thirst for being out in the landscape.

Now living in Worthing West Sussex, is blessed with some glorious beaches and the beautiful South Downs to explore and photograph. Lorraine’s first love is to be out at dawn chasing the mist, these are her favourite conditions to work in and her body of work reflects her passion.

She says her love to be out early is deep rooted from time spent out walking with her grandfather from as young as 2 years old. Lorraine first picked up a camera when she was 15 but had a career in hospitality until moving to Worthing in 1994. Lorraine is an active member of the arts community in Worthing. 

Lorraine enjoys sharing her skills and has given talks at the local college and in the autumn of 2015 started a series of workshops for beginners. Lorraine has work hanging in Worthing hospital and has won awards for her work, the most recent from the South Downs National Park Authority for her image Autumn Gold.

Lorraine has undertaken commisions for the Woodland Trust, private clients and Worthing based ETI Ltd - a collection of work for their 2017 calendar.


Jane Pinder


The designs handmade by Jane Pinder, draw influence from the varied fauna and flora, organic texture and natural landscapes of the Sussex Coast as well as a childhood fascination for collecting shells, stones and fossils along with exploration of rock pools along the seashore.

Jane has been making jewellery since 2008 and has studied silversmithing jewellery at her local college for the last four years. This has been followed by further courses and specialised workshops although she perfects her technique through her designs. 

Her work involves a synergy of creative ideas and techniques and incorporates both precious and non-precious materials.  The range includes necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings. Jane works from her workshop in Worthing, using traditional and non-traditional silversmithing techniques.  She enjoys experimenting with anticlastic raising and fold-forming.  Jane also incorporates resin and textiles into her jewellery and corsages to bring colour and texture to her work and this compliments her range in felt and silk. 

Jane exhibits her work in local art trails and various galleries and other craft fairs and artisan markets. 



Michelle Dawson

Michelle Dawson is an Artist, Illustrator and Tutor.  She likes to make sketches to record the places she goes and delights in the unusual and often overlooked elements of a scene.

Recently Michelle has been keen to develop her drawing style by experimenting with different ways of applying ink, using sticks and brushes as well as a dip-pen.  She adds colour to her drawings using Graphics software. Her illustrations are then printed onto thick textured archival paper to create beautiful limited edition prints. Many of her images are also available as greetings cards.  Michelle runs a monthly Saturday morning drawing workshop in Worthing.  More information about her artwork and art classes can be found at


Wendy Palmer

Wendy J Palmer is an artist and designer, she has worked in the design industry since leaving Art College in the 1980’s.  During that time Wendy and her partner have run their own design business, working in a wide variety of disciplines including private and commercial interior design, product manufacturing and graphic design - using an equally diverse range of techniques and skills. This mixed discipline approach is a philosophy Wendy brings to her art practice

Wendy’s ceramic stoneware is informed by the landscapes of the South Downs and Coastline, together with her love of archaeology, producing tactile-sculptural works in her unique mix of rich and earthy colours.  Her greeting card designs and current range of artwork offer an uplifting addition to daily life, designed in Wendy’s signature bright colour palette, incorporating her unique language of shape and pattern.

Four at the Shore provides Wendy with the opportunity to share new art with visitor’s, as well as providing a space to work on ideas in progress.

“Being in a hut by the sea is a wonderful environment for creativity, the seasonal coastline can’t help but inform my use of colour, imagery and texture, and I am loving the challenge of capturing it in my work”

Wendy J Palmer Art